In 2010 our founder entered grad school for the second time. Like most grad students, he obsessed over studying textbooks and preparing for exhausting exams. A friend from home told him about a nootropic, piracetam, and a journey into cognitive nutrition (a.k.a. "nootropics") began.

In 2014 the first prototype of NooIQ was manufactured by Miller Nootropics (Miller Intelligence, LLC). The motivation behind NooIQ was two-fold:

  1. Those with an interest in nutritional supplements find themselves struggling to purchase, organize and ingest large lists of the various supplements one may wish to consume.
  2. Existing nootropic stacks on the market are complete junk. The median-quality nootropics on Amazon gives you a little Vitamin B (at best) and a few unnecessary ingredients to give the impression of a coherent blend. Even the best stacks only have a single top-tier nootropic. 

NooIQ addressed those pain points by combining almost all of the top cognitive enhancers in a single pill. By 2019 NooIQ had transitioned from online-only sales to a physical store called “Sunflower Supplements” in Salina, KS.

Like so many other new businesses, Sunflower Supplements was forced to close due to COVID19. This was the end of NooIQ v1, but not of NooIQ. As of 2022 NooIQ has been relaunched and is now the property of our new business entity Integrity Nootropics.