Satisfaction Guarantee

Integrity Nootropics stands behind its product.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee (terms apply).



  1. Customers may receive a 100% refund on their purchase of NooIQ for up to 15 days from the purchase's timestamp.
  2. Limit 1 refund per household / customer (1 bottle of 30 capsules per customer).
  3. Customers ordering to the same address are considered 1 customer. The same customer with multiple addresses is considered 1 customer. The same payment method used across multiple people is considered 1 customer.
  4. This policy is only valid on NooIQ purchased directly from Integrity Nootropics (not via resellers or other 3rd parties).
  5. A refund request must be emailed to "refunds [@]" with a subject "Satisfaction Guarantee Claim". Include your receipt. You will receive instructions on where to mail your remaining product (at least the bottle and some of the capsules, to prevent abuse).
  6. Execution of this guarantee is at the sole discretion of Integrity Nootropics and claims may be denied for any reason, including but not limited to suspicion of fraud.
  7. A refund claim implies a contract that the customer will remove any negative feedback or comments about NooIQ posted online and will refrain from posting negative content in the future.